Public Relations and Marketing Communications (BA.)

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The concentration in Public Relations will help students to develop skills in communication for planning, managing, responding to crisis or for promoting an organization. Public Relations students will be trained to become effective writers and speakers with strong foundation in audience analysis, message design, and the choice of media for different purposes. The Marketing Communications will be couched upon the basic skills of effective communication to inform or persuade people about a product, a cause, or a service. Students will learn to become marketing and sales strategists and media campaign planners. Graduates with the marketing communications background will find exciting opportunities in public as well as private organizations as account executives, media planners, layout and design specialists, ad copywriters, brand managers, and marketing communication researchers. Students will learn to design ads or develop advertising media campaigns for organizations.
Communication and Public RelationsCMIS4 Years In-Person

A minimum of five (5) credits at WASSCE C5 or better in English not more than two sittings. All applicants for the degree shall be required to take the Special Examination in English. The pass mark for the examination will be based on the university standards.


  • Public Relations Officer/Manager/Specialist
  • Marketing Communications Specialist
  • PR/Marketing Communications Entrepreneur
  • Public Affairs Manager
  • Corporate Communication Manager
  • Communication Manager
  • Media Relations Specialist
  • Research and Counseling Specialist
  • PR Consultant
  • Marketing Communications Consultant etc.

For further information or guidance, contact course/program leads

Dr. Williette James – Program Lead I+232 76 725
Dr. Francis Sowa – Program Lead II+232 76 866
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