Institute of Public Administration and Management (IPAM)

The establishment of IPAM can be traced to 1970. It came as a result of a government white paper on education which proposed the closure of the Civil Service Training College.

Established on 5th November 1980, IPAM offers a range of courses in areas relating to public administration, information technology, financial and business management which helps in making it the formidable business college of the University of Sierra Leone.

IPAM comprises four faculties: the Faculty of Accounting and Finance, the Faculty of Information Systems & Technology, the Faculty of Business Administration and Entrepreneurship and the Faculty of Leadership and Governance.
IPAM under the University of Sierra Leone Extra Mural Institute/ Community College project, also extensively provides extramural courses in eight provincial towns across the country to help in fulfilling the University of Sierra Leone’s commitment of taking the university to local communities through its community college platform.
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