College of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences (COMAHS)

COMAHS is the first medical school in Sierra Leone after it was founded on the 12th of April 1988, by the Government of Sierra Leone with support from the Nigerian Government and the World Health Organization

COMAHS has a primary mandate to produce doctors, nurses, pharmacists, biomedical scientists and laboratory technicians with a view of improving the health care delivery system in Sierra Leone.

The College has strategically cemented its position as a leading institution in national health research and capacity strengthening in Sierra Leone by generating the much needed evidence to inform policies and practices in the area of health. The College is also involved in needs-based research activities at both national and international levels to ensure that it continues to play a key role in the health system as well as in rebuilding and strengthening the nation’s socio-economic development at both national and international levels.
The evaluation of the Janssen-Janssen (J&J) and the Merck vaccines against the Ebola virus disease under the leadership of COMAHS in Sierra Leone is one of the noblest contributions of the college in improving the health system especially at the international level.
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