University of Sierra Leone saves time and the environment by going paperless

Our Web Portal and Online Application

It is nothing new that the world is steadily going digital and gradually, we are becoming a paperless society. At the University of Sierra Leone, we are gradually moving to paperless solutions for many of our core activities. In May 2019, the University of Sierra Leone launched its online applications process for admissions into all programmes with a wide range of benefits:

  • Applicants Convenience – Students no longer need to complete paper forms requiring them to travel to and from the Registry most often over long distances. They can now choose to submit their applications at their convenience. All that is required is access to a computer and internet connectivity. Messy handwriting, lack of postal connectivity, delay in waiting and the like, have been eliminated from the process. The system makes it possible for candidates from across the country and even abroad to apply to COMAHS, FBC and IPAM without any hassle. This is a great advantage especially to students who are in rural areas or those with disabilities.
  • Logistics – The excuse of having run out of paper application forms and the practice of passing them from one place to another and wondering if the application has been received at all, has become a thing of the past. The online application process offers university applicants a uniform platform for filling in their applications and also provides prompts on which fields on the form are mandatory or not. The acknowledgement is almost immediate and the system is user-friendly.
  • Advantage to the University– The University is also at a major advantage when it comes to an online admission process. Quick access to students’ records and databases, efficient systems for filtering out candidates and processing of applications is possible through the online application process. The costs of processing applications and employing additional manpower during admissions are slashed with the implementation of an online application system.
  • Increases Accuracy and Efficiency – The online application system is highly reliable and efficient and eliminates chances of such errors.

No more paper surveys

All Universities are required conduct Students’ Evaluation Surveys of Lecturers as part of their reporting requirements to the Ministry of Technical and Higher Education. Traditionally, this exercise has always been done on paper requiring huge printing and distribution of resources. In another bold move, the Vice Chancellor has directed that with immediate effect all surveys should be conducted online. The Planning and Quality Assurance Directorate therefore wishes to proudly announce that the next Students’ Evaluation of Lecturers scheduled to commence on 29th July has been fully digitised and students can participate from anywhere and anytime once they have internet connectivity.

Staff and Students Intranet

Working or taking a course in an educational environment creates its own unique challenges.   Therefore having an easy-to-use communication system at your fingertips is paramount. It is for this reason that the University has developed an online “Staff and Students News Portal” to move away from heavily paper based communication and collaboration system.

The Intranet will be hosted on the USL website to be accessed by only staff and students of the University. The site will be used to share and disseminate information about events and activities of internets to colleagues and students.

Unprecedented productivity and cost savings

Going paperless will ensure unprecedented productivity and cost savings for the University and will also enable efficient communication and collaboration among academic and administrative staff. Counting on the experience and benefits already attained, we hope to cut down about 70% of our paper and printing cost as of 2020/2021 academic year.