The Management of the University of Sierra Leone (USL) wishes to inform the press and the general   public  about  its  interventions  to  re-engineer  strategic  academic  and  administrative processes in order to improve on the performance of the University. The re-engineering initiative is  an outcome of consultative deliberations with senior administrative and academic staff on a wide  range  of  quality  issues aimed at  raising standards  in key  aspects  of  the  University’s operations. The   deliberations  brought  Heads  of  Campuses,  all  Deans,  Heads  of  Departments  and Administrative        Managers to explore solutions towards improving standards and performance of academics, administrative staff and students of the University of Sierra Leone. The objectives of the consultative meetings throughout the re-engineering   drive are: I. To develop a framework that will ensure that USL is producing competent and qualified graduates to meet national and global needs; 2.  To   consolidate   and   promote   intellectual  development   through   effective   University governance         and faculty administration which will produce the  desired impact on research, teaching and community service; and 3.    To map out strategies for resource mobilization for the re-engineering      initiatives and their implementation. On  25th       May  2021,      Senate  met  and  approved  key  recommendations  emanating  from  the consultative sessions. As a result, five project groups have been set up to implement the thematic objectives of the re-engineering initiatives: Theme 1: Harmonisation of admissions and assessment processes, including exit criteria; Theme 2: Centralized coordination of extramural and short course programmes with the setting up of the University of Sierra Leone Extra Mural Institute (Community College); Theme 3: Splitting, merging and creating new faculties and departments at  FB  ,lPAM  & COMAHS; Theme  4: Building  an e-Learning  infrastructure,   developing  e-Learning   resources  and training  of lecturers  aimed at launching  online  Postgraduate   courses  and expanding  USL’s distance  learning  offers,  and Theme  5: Review  of Administrative   Functions. Project  teams  are working  on the five thematic  objectives  to ensure  the implementation   of the re- engineering  plans,  some of which will be rolled out later this year. The  University   remains  committed   to the national  call  for quality  education   for  human  capital development. End For  more  information   and  clarifications,   please  contact  the  Director   of  Media,  Alumni   and International   Relations,   University  of Sierra Leone,  Dr.  Tonya Musa  on +23276507160