This committee, composed of experts in curriculum development, is responsible to vet and recommend to Senate for approval, various curricular proposals from faculties/departments or other appropriate University bodies.

Membership is as follows:-

  1. Prof. Allyson A. Sesay, IPAM Campus – Chairman
  2. Prof. Joe A. D. Alie, Dean, School of Postgraduate Studies, USL
  3. Dr. Alfred Jarrett, Department of Sociology, FBC Campus
  4. Mrs. Blanche O. Macauley, Director, INSEEMS, FBC Campus
  5. Mrs. Fatmata Varaha-Adeyemo, Head, Division of Educational Studies, FBC Campus
  6. Dr. Dante A. Bendu, Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences & Law, FBC Campus
  7. Dr. Matthew J. Vandy, Dean, Faculty of Nursing, COMAHS Campus
  8. Dr. Joseph Edem-Hotah (recommended)
  9. The Director of Planning – vacant

This committee is also responsible for the transmission of details of new programmes approved by Senate to the Planning Division and the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC); as well as handling affiliation matters, sometimes in consultation with TEC according to the TEC Affiliation Policy 2016.

The Planning Division is already represented on the committee and should provide valuable input within its mandate for each curricular proposal.

It was earlier pointed out to us by TEC that we should timely provide them with the details of new programmes approved by Senate.  Action should thus be taken on this as soon as Senate gives its approval to pending matters to be presented soon for its consideration.

Reports are usually produced for the consideration of Senate in lieu of minutes.

Please consult with the Chairman regarding finalization of the   membership and any matters forwarded to you by the Registrar for       action.