Patrick H. H. Walker HOD                                                                                                                                                                                        Ph.D.-Candidate                                                                                                                                                                                                  M.Phil.-Sociology                                                                                                                                                                                                              M.Phil. Medical Sociology                                                                                                                                                                                        B.A. Sociology

Advanced Diploma-Qualitative Research Methods


The Department was originally called the Department of Sociology at its inception in the early 1960s and continued under this label until recently.  The eleven year rebel war in Sierra Leone saw the emergence of many burning social problems which necessitated the establishment of the Social Work unit. In 2006 the Social Work Unit was absorb into the Department Sociology and was called the Department of Sociology and Social Work. At Fourah Bay College Campus, the Department is housed on the fifth floor of the iconic Kennedy building. The Department of Sociology and Social Work is the largest in the Faculty of Social Sciences and Law

The Department of Sociology and Social Work provides students and scholars with the intellectual tools to analyze social phenomena, uncover injustices, and unfetter the social awareness of its practitioners and the larger Sierra Leonean public. In order to provide valid and reliable explanations, sociologists study social life theoretically and empirically, both quantitatively and qualitatively. From the ecological to the psychological, no aspect of social life is trivial or unimportant to the sociologist who seeks to understand and improve our social worlds. We work to enhance academic excellence through our commitment to a curriculum that integrates quality teaching with research.  Sociology Department seeks to strengthen its academic reputation locally, nationally and internationally and grow selectively by attracting superior students and faculty to its undergraduate and graduate programs. The Sociology Department is committed to a philosophy of education that promotes understanding and appreciation of diversity in teaching, research, and community service

Specifically, our research investigates topics ranging from individual and group experiences within rural and urban communities, community adaptation to change, and rural and urban problems as diverse as poverty, health disparities, aging, workforce experiences, urban politics, gambling and addictions, family dynamics, sex industry and sex trafficking, crime and deviance, environmental degradation, and urban sustainability. Our teaching draws directly from our research to nurture critical intellectual thinking and rigorous methodological and professional training. We also sustain a vibrant, inclusive, and collegial atmosphere focused on discovery and learning. Our graduate students (Masters and Ph.D.)  receive extensive training in both classical and cutting edge theory and methods in order to pursue interesting and important research topics in creative and innovative ways. Faculty members engage in active mentoring of students by providing intensive research and teaching opportunities. Our research and teaching, as well as our emphasis on public sociology and civic engagement, provide students with skills necessary for personal intellectual growth, active citizenship, and professional success. FBC’s Department of Sociology and Social Work is energetic, exciting, and growing. There are few better places than FBC’s Department of Sociology and Social Work to study a wide array of contemporary social questions. We invite you to become a part of our sociological and professional social work experience.

The Department is at present headed by Mr. Patrick H .H. Walker; a Rural/Medical Sociologist and he is supported by robust Academic and ancillary staff.

  1. Dr. Mohamed Gibril Sesay
  2. Rev. Dr. Joseph Kamanda
  3. Dr. Alfred .A. Jarrett
  4. Dr. Abdul Kamara
  5. Dr. Ibrahim B.S. Sesay
  6. Mr. Augustus Kamara Ph.D. (Candidate)
  7. Mr. Joseph M. French Esq. Ph.D. (Candidate)
  8. Mohamed Bangura Ph.D. (Candidate)
  9. Mr. Esau Kamara Ph.D. (Candidate)
  10. Mr. L.A.M. Jah
  11. Mrs. Mariatu Cyllah-M.A Social Work
  12. Mr. Ansu Konneh- M.A-Social Work
  13. Sylvester Woodie-Conteh-TTA
  14. Umu L.K. Jalloh-TTA
  15. Mr. Edward Tengbeh-M.Sc.-Development Sociology (Part-time)
  16. Hassan Social Policy (Part-time)
  17. Mukeh A.T. Walker-B.Sc. Hons. First Class-Social Work-(Part-time) Miss Claudette Wright (Secretary) and Gerald Momoh (Messenger).