The Institute of Public Administration and Management (IPAM)

IPAM is the business arm of the University of Sierra Leone.

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The Short Course and Consultancy Unit was established in June 2006 and IPAM is the first to set up an outfit solely for the delivery of short course in Freetown. The Unit is charged with responsibility of designing an annual short course training brochure, development and implementation of short-term courses.

Courses – the Unit, from its inception has successfully developed over 60 short term courses ranging from general management, leadership and policy, Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Taxation, Public Procurement and Logistics, Project Management, Performance and Quality Management and Information Technology related courses and so on.

Types of short courses

  • Short courses advertised in the annual brochure
  • Tailored course based on request usually from institutions
  • Short courses at certificate level up to 6 weeks

Products – The Unit produces about 400 professionals annually.

Facilitators – The Unit collaborates with over 80 professional facilitators from different institutions with diverse professional backgrounds.

Award of Certificates

Certificate of Merit: this certificate is awarded for most courses of two (2) or more weeks duration with an assessment conducted and participants are required to acquire an UG pass mark.

Certificate of Participation: this certificate is awarded for courses of one (1) week and will also be awarded to participants who do not attain the merit grade of the first category. Most courses of one (1) week duration are not examinable.

List of Clienteles: The has worked with several national and international institutions, such as the World Bank the Horton College – ISAT, DfID, UNDP, UNESCO, UNDP, GOAL SL, IRC SL, the EU, and the Government of Sierra Leone (the MDAs).

Location: The Unit is located on the 4th floor of the new building on A. J. Momoh Street, Tower Hill, Freetown

Mode of Instruction/Teaching – All sessions are conducted in participatory and interactive mode and are taught done using Microsoft PowerPoint. All topics are taught using practical cases and exercises.

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