2nd To 4th Fundamental of Project  Management                               2,000,000
2nd To 6th Entrepreneurship and Business Management skills 2,500,000
2nd To 6th Administrative and Management Theory and Practice 3,000,000
2nd To 6th Budgetary Management and Expenditure Control 3,500,000
2nd To 6th Public & Private Sector Finance and Accounting   3,500,000
9th To 11thProject Risk Management 2,000,000
9th To 11th Public Speaking and Communication Skills 2,500,000
9th To 11th Organizational Effectiveness 2,500,000
9th To 13th Computer Fundamentals & MS Office 1,000,000
9th To 13th Business Coaching and Customer Care Service 2,500000
16th To 18th Managing Organizational Change 2,000,000
16th To 18th Leadership Development  3,500,000