This is the highest academic body in the University. Servicing of this meeting involves:

  1. Preparation of draft minutes of previous meetings and vetting by the Vice-Chancellor & Principal – the Chairman – and the University Registrar
  2. Preparation of Agenda
  3. Request for and receipt of faculty board reports from the campuses and receipt of working papers from the Vice-Chancellor & Principal and/or the University Registrar
  4. Printing and collation of working documents, using requisitioned stationery
  5. Dispatch of circulars and working documents, at least one week before the scheduled date of meeting
  6. Arrangement for refreshment of members

The last Senate meeting took place on 21st September, 2017, with a spill-over on 29th September, 2017 and delegation of residual items to the Executive Committee of Senate.  The draft minutes and decisions of those meetings will be made available to you.  The decisions (for eventual reporting under “Matters Arising”) have been noted and communicated to the relevant persons concerned.  Reminder and follow-up letters however need to be sent out to ensure that action is taken on the decisions before the next meeting of Senate. Please consult the University Registrar for the date of the next (regular) meeting of Senate, as the meeting scheduled for 26th April, 2018 will be an extraordinary and not a regular one.

The draft minutes and decisions of the meeting of 26th April, 2018 will also be made available to you.

In addition, the following committees (Chairmen indicated) were set up by Senate to settle certain matters and their deliberations are ongoing:-

  1. Quality of the Education System Committee – Prof. A. A. Sesay
  2. FBC & IPAM Accounting Departments Merger Committee – Dean, Management Sciences, IPAM
  3. Diploma & Certificate Committee – (Prof. O. R. Davidson)Minutes/Report pending
  4. TECT Masters Courses Implementation Committee – Prof. A. A. Sesay
  5. USL Affiliates Modalities Committee – Prof. A. A. Sesay

The reports of these meetings on the progress made so far will be made available to you. A meeting of the University and its affiliates needs to be convened soonest. The Registrar may provide guidance on this.

Stationery urgently needs to be requisitioned for future meetings and Divisional requirements.