The three-day retreat of the management of the University of Sierra Leone ended on 1st May 2021.

The Collegiate Administrations (FBC, IPAM, and COMAHS & SPS) and the Secretariat have resolved on several strategic issues as part of the reengineering academic and administrative performance of the University. Major ones are:

*(1)      Creating new faculties at FBC, IPAM and COMAHS;

*(2)      Decision on new requirements for admission to the University and faculty requirements for all programmes;*

*(3)      Harmonization of grading systems leading to the award of degrees and diplomas;*

*(4)      The University calendar;*

*(5)      All preparations leading to the Conferment of degrees, diplomas and certificates;*

*(6)      Establishing a Community College for Extra mural programmes of the University OF Sierra Leone;*

*(7)      Restructuring and popularizing short courses;*

*(8)      Operating new Learning Management Systems (LMS) and*

*(9)      Introducing online distant learning for Masters programmes;*

*(10)    Staff appraisal and promotion frameworks; and*

*(11)     Infrastructural development for improved learning environment. *

*The Chief Education Officer of MTHE, Dr Josephus Brima advised the University management to ensure total commitment towards operationalizing these resolutions within the shortest possible time*

*The Director of Science Education at MTHE, Mrs. Fatmata Kaiwa suggested the urgent need of capacitating the laboratories to expose students to practical training in order to maximize their performance after the University. These were appeals initially made by the Minister of Technical and Higher Education, Professor Alpha Wurie whilst delivering his key note address.*

*The Dean of Faculty of Management Sciences IPAM, Dr. Duramany Lakoh commended the University leadership for a decision to have new faculties at IPAM:  Leadership and Governance, and Finance and Accountancy to be added to Management Sciences. He said that this will reduce the current problems of overcrowding. He also appealed for a recruitment of more staff to service the new faculties for quality assurance.*

*The Dean of Faculty of Arts, FBC, Professor John Kargbo commended the decision to split Faculty of Arts into three faculties (Journalism, Media and Information Studies; Humanities; and Educational Studies).

The Faculty of Social Sciences and Law to split into three: Economic Studies, Law and Legal Studies; and Political Studies.

Each of these faculties will now develop governance and operating frameworks, programmes and resources to be approved by Senate before October 2021.*

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor, COMAHS, Professor Mohamed Samai appreciated the introduction of new faculties at COMAHS especially when the nation needs more specialized personnel for medical and health services. He further appealed for strategic infrastructural development of the college to effectively and timely train those medics.

*The Deputy Vice-Chancellor, IPAM, Professor Nonie appealed to everyone to ensure that the road map agreed must be followed with utmost coorporation and collaboration. The Deputy Vice-Chancellor, FBC, Professor Lawrence Kamara suggested a review of all PhD programmes of the University to meet international benchmarks like curricular, Research Methods, duration and supervision.  At the same time the Dean of School of Postgraduate Studies, Professor Joe Ali suggested an expansion of the facilities of the School to enhance its operations and effective monitoring.

The Vice-Chancellor and Principal, Professor Foday Sahr appealed to everyone to ensure that all the decisions made to rebrand the University be given utmost attention and commitment. He emphasized the importance of these activities in making the University a premier one.

The University Registrar, Mrs Barrie appreciated everyone especially the Quality Assurance lead, Mr David Gbao for organizing this process and promised everyone by coordinating all administrative activities leading to the approval of the new structures, programmes and projects suggested by this retreat.

*© University Media Directorate.*

Tonya Musa, PhD
Director of Media, Alumni & International Relations, University of Sierra Leone.