Project Planning – Phase I (SCPM201)

This 1-week course covers fundamental concepts, issues and techniques in planning development projects. It will cover overview of Project Cycle Management. Participants will further be introduced to tools and processes in project design and preparation.

This course is designed to strengthen the capacity of individuals tasked with planning development projects in the public sector and civil society organisations. It is also useful to individuals in aid management who wish to familiarise themselves with the project planning process.


4th – 8th October 2019

20th April – 24th April 2020

Fee: Le1.25m pp per seminar.

Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation (WB and EU Procedures) – Phase II (SCPM202)

This 7-day course is designed for individuals responsible for the management and monitoring of projects within an organisation. The course will present basic project management principles, the development of a project plan, initiation of a project, the monitoring and control techniques for a successful project completion.

Target Group: This course is for individuals interested in learning the basic principles of good project management. It is also aimed at executives and senior managers in engineering firms, NGOs and/or individuals who are responsible for evaluating and monitoring projects in the service sectors (banks, insurance etc.)


26th Oct – 30th Oct 2019

13th – 15th May 2020

Fee: Le1.7m pp per seminar.

 Participatory Approaches in Designing Developmental Programmes (SCPM203)

This 1-week course will provide participants the opportunity to acquaint themselves with effective participatory methods in project and programme design and implementation.

Target Group: This course is aimed at community based organizations (CBOs), NGOs and Government extension workers and all those involved in assessing community development needs.


17th – 21s, February 2020

1st – 5th June, 2020

Fee: Le1.4m pp per seminar.

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