Press Statement on Allegations of Religious Discrimination

The College of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences (COMAHS), University of Sierra Leone wishes to inform the general public that it is greatly disturbed by a misleading audio message that is being widely circulated on social media alleging religious discrimination against a female student of the College. The College administration totally condemns this mischievous act done by an unknown individual, which has propensity of undermining the credibility of the institution.  The Administration assures the rest of the public of its continuous commitment to religious tolerance, academic freedom, peace and stability.

The College Administration would like the public to know that the incident alluded to on that audio was one that had to do with clarification on dress code for medical students and it took place as far back as January 2024.

The clarification had long been made by the College Administration and the matter swiftly resolved with the involvement of the College of Medicine Muslim Jamaat (COMMUJ), which is the students’ Islamic organization that is registered with the College.

The student in question has since been attending her normal lectures unhindered, contrary to what the audio alleges.

The College of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences has always maintained a policy of non-discrimination of staff and students regardless of tribe, race, colour or religion in line with our long-standing tradition of tolerance as a nation.

The public is therefore urged to discountenance the said audio that is being circulated as its contents are completely misleading and devoid of the facts and merely aims at creating unnecessary disquiet and tension.

by Dr. Tonya Musa
Director of Quality Assurance & Communications

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