Institute of Public Administration and Management

 University of Sierra Leone

22nd April, 2021


The Management of the Institute of Public Administration and Management (IPAM) wishes to inform its students, the press and general public that it strongly condemns the riotous conduct of some students on campus which happened on Monday 12th April 2021.  In respect of that unacceptable act, the Administration wants everyone to know that it is in support of sincere and timely investigation of the incident as a way to fight against impunity and lawlessness.

The Registry was informed that a group of graduating class students on Monday 12th April 2021 at the Tower Hill Campus Freetown, violently disrupted the process of distributing graduation regalia and invitation cards to the students, who had been approved to take part in the Congregation of the University of Sierra Leone scheduled for Wednesday 14th April, 2021. Those students forcefully disrupted the process by pelting stones across the entire campus and in due course destroyed college property.

The information from the Registry provides that the riotous students are among the students who had not been authorized for graduation because of outstanding academic matters, i.e., incomplete grades and reference(s), exit verification queries, and financial arrears to the College.

It is important to note that the grades for those graduating students were published in November 2020 for them to review and revert with issues, if any. Many of the students treated that process with levity.  Therefore most of them could not complete the verification process in time.

To your dismay, more than half of the graduating students are unregistered. To complete the process of registration, a student is required to settle all financial obligations. Unfortunately, some graduating students are still in fees arrears which have delayed their registration.  Thus the Examination Office has a huge number of students whose results can’t be published until they complete the registration process.

Some of the graduating students submitted their dissertations very late. The deans of faculties have notified them about the deadline of submission which was in November 2020 and was later extended to February 2021. Unfortunately, some of them only submitted their dissertations a week to the conferment of degrees making it impossible for grading and processing of their results.

The Administration had discussion with the Students’ Union Government in respect of a case put forward by some of the affected students who claimed of having no outstanding issues. Assurance was given to the students that all concerns were being looked into with a view to expeditiously address the ‘genuine’ cases. However, instead of allowing the Administration and their leaders to conclude the process, some of the affected students opted to disrupt the operations of the College violently.

The Police was called in to restore order. The police intervention was resisted by some students which precipitated the use of force.

Meanwhile, the Administration is committed to publishing the results of all students who have been cleared for the publication of results. All genuine cases were being taken into consideration, and their names were included in the Conferment Programme before the Congregation. For those who have outstanding requirement issues, their results would be published as soon as their grades are computed or their issues resolved; they would have access to Statement of Result and Attestation to indicate that they have completed their degrees or diplomas.  They would also be included in the Programme for the next Graduation of the University.



The Deputy Vice-Chancellor, IPAM

For further information, please contact the University Media Director and International Relations, Dr. Tonya Musa on +23276507160