Ndevuyama ventilator and entrepreneurship venture

Manikin for test of ventilator

In line with the Government of Sierra Leone’s new direction policy through which affordable medical care is to be provided for the Sierra Leone population and the recent worldwide COVID-19  pandemic, the Institute of Public Administration and Management through the Faculty of Management Sciences has developed an intensive care apparatus called the ‘Ndevuyama ventilator’ . Ndevuyama mean to bring back life in Mende.

The entrepreneurship venture is a sign of positive changes brought about by the academic administration of the University of Sierra Leone especially the IPAM- Campus.

Provision for oxygen  source

A year one MBA student in the person of Sir Prince Malcolm A.-Nuni and the DC of IPAM In the person of Prof. Samuel E. Nonie are behind the making of the ventilator.

The device made to operate both manually and automatically is equipped to resuscitate a patient suffering from Dyspnia (shortness of breath). It consists of an air bag, motor, actuator, battery and a charging circuit. 10 sets of the system can be produced within a week and the cost of the ventilator set is Le 60,000,000.

With 5 sets already produced the Ndevuyama ventilator is set to bring revenue for the following partners and boost the national moral for the nation of Sierra Leone. (Wind Energy Solutions, IPAM, USL, Sierra Leone Red Cross Society, Ministry of Health and Sanitation, Ministry of Technical and Higher Education and the United Nations Development Programme.