Course Profile:

Master in Public Administration is a two-year postgraduate degree programme( PGD) tailored to suit relatively new graduate entrants to the professional cadres of the civil service , middle level administrative personnel in public boards/organizations, private sector organizations and senior officers of the forces. The programme will produce professionals who address societal issues and create a sound administrative infrastructure. The course can be useful within the government and also for the corporate world. Public administrators can assist in the matters of policy formulation and implementation, as well as creating good condition for a prosperous business economy.

Graduates can bring new ideas and strategies to deal with the issues of public welfare successfully both in the public and corporate world. A Master in Public Administration is a very important program from a society’s perspective. The aspirants who wish to make a key contribution to the society are motivated to do something socially meaningful. A Master in public Administration can be the ideal degree for them to pursue.

MPA Year One – First semester

Compulsory modules: International Labour Relations, Human Resource Management, Public Administration, Management Information Systems, Fundamentals of Public Policy, and Public Finance and Accounting.

Second semester

Compulsory modules: Management Theory and Practice, Legal and Regulatory frame work, Public Sector Economics and Finance, Strategic Management, Administrative Law, Project Planning & Management, Research and Statistical Methods.

MPA Year Two – First semester

Compulsory modules: Ethics and Responsibility, Leadership Skills, Public Sector Budgeting, Political Systems and Governance, Administrative Law, Public Policy Formulation and Implementation.

Second semester

Compulsory modules: Advanced Human Resource Management and Privatization & Deregulation.

Electives (select 2)

Advanced Performance Management, Health Sector Management, Purchasing and Procurement, Financial Sector Management, Advanced Marketing Management, and Agricultural Economics.

Compulsory: Thesis/Research