Customer Management and Customer Care Service (SCMC1201)

This 1-week course will provide techniques of how to win customers and maintain good customer relation.

Target Group: The course targets middle and senior cadre of sales/customer service managers, marketing managers in service industries and all individuals dealing with customers.


16th – 20st September 2019

27th Jan – 31st Jan. 2020

1st – 5th June 2020

Fee: Le1.25m pp per seminar.

N.B: In-house training can be organised and tailored to the needs of all service industries for junior cadre of staff.

Public Speaking & Communication Skills (SCMC1202)

This 3-day seminar course aims to improve policy making and service delivery by raising awareness of the vital role that communication plays from the beginning as an integral part of policy making process.

Target Group: The course targets senior managers and all individuals involved in policy and decision making.


24th – 26th February 2019

20th – 23rd July 2019

Fee: Le1m pp per seminar.

Public Relations (SCMC1203)

This 6-day course will provide the fundamental working knowledge of public relations management and practice with an emphasis on the role of effective communication strategies in the corporate and public service environment. Participants will focus on the role of public relations in the organization and the application of communication strategies and tools for communications planning.

Target Group: This course is aimed at PROs of organisations and individuals who are aspiring to be.


7th – 14th October 2019

10th – 17th February 2020

4th – 11th May 2020

Fee: Le1.4m pp per seminar.

Effective Marketing Skills (SCMC1204)

This 1-week course will provide managers with requisite knowledge to meet the challenges of the ever increasing needs of the market place. The course will help participants to shape their organisation’s fortune and profitability and also counter competitive forces so as to remain viable and meet customer’s expectations.

Target Group: The course targets marketing managers and analysts, planning managers, product and brand managers, market researchers and so on.


11th – 15th November 2019

13th – 17th April 2020

20th – 24th July 2020

Fee: Le1.25m pp per seminar.

Reception and Communication Skills (SCMC1205)

This 1-week course aims to improve effectively the communication skills that will enhance an organisation’s image as the reception is normally at the entrance of an organisation. The course will equip participants with the necessary skills to manage the office to the satisfaction of business callers.

Target Group: The course targets stenographers, office typists, entrance managers, receptionists and telephone operators.


18th – 22nd November 2019

9th – 13th March 2020

Fee: Le1m pp per seminar.

Advanced Business English (SCMC1206)

This 1-week course will give the basic skills in speaking and understanding the functional business English. Participants will have the opportunity to participate in tailor made business management discussion and improve on their debate and argumentation abilities. The course will leave participants with a wealth of experience in planning and delivering practical business English in talking, listening, making and responding to enquiries. The course will help native and non-native English speakers with a high level of written and spoken English ability.

Target Group: The course targets existing business professionals and/or managers in both the public and private sectors, who wish to enhance their career and learn how to effectively communicate in this ever changing business world.


20th – 24th January 2020

25th – 29th May 2013

Fee: Le800,000 pp per seminar.