The Institute of Public Administration and Management (IPAM), University of Sierra Leone(USL), has on the 5th November 2019, celebrated its 39 years of existence as an academic institution with the theme ‘Expanding the Academic Environment’. The anniversary celebration which took place at IPAM main campus at A J Momoh Street, Tower Hill, attracted Alumni, current students and staff of the institution and other invitees.

Speaking at the occasion, the Deputy Vice Chancellor of IPAM, Professor Edmond Nuni, expressed his satisfaction on the rapid afrastructure development in the institution. He said that the institution is struggling to cope with the growing number of students applying to study courses adding that the newly constructed seven-story building there at Tower Hill has not been able to solve the issue. Therefore, in June 2019, the Administration sought to have approval of Cabinet and ratification by Parliament for the continuation of the Burah Town Residential Campus Project that his predecessor had achieved under a Public Private Partnership agreement. He noted that the Bureh Town project now has the nod from the law making bodies of this country and that construction of the new IPAM Residential Campus at Bureh Town has started. However, he mentioned that the road to garner the funds for the project has been a daunting task.

Acting in the capacity as Vice Chancellor of USL at the occasion, the Deputy Vice Chancellor of FBC, Professor Lawrence Kamara, expressed admiration on the vast developmental transformation of IPAM.  He commended the institution for proven to be one of the strongest constituent colleges of USL.

He also pointed out that the students and staff have the responsibility to ensuring development in the institution noting that student should learn to pay their fees on time and also behave themselves properly; Staff should also serve as mentors to the students.

The Chairperson of the occasion, Mrs. Mariam Conteh-Morgan (Associate Professor) expressed her delight in serving as chairperson adding that ironically she also joined IPAM as staff on the 5th of November 2013. She applauded the staff of the institution in working tirelessly over the years to ensuring its current developmental transformation.

Mrs Mellicent Cole, an alumnus (member of the first batch of students to had graduated with honours in Financial Services in 2001) and currently a Part-time Lecturer at the institution, was pleased to state that Alumni of the institution are workers   in different offices in Sierra Leone which demonstrate the contribution of the Institute to national development. She also encouraged colleagues Alumni to come onboard and give back to their Alma Mater by contributing to the development of the institution.

The anniversary celebration ended with the hoisting of the national and college flag that was graced by the Pro Chancellor.