The last meeting of the Honorary Degrees Committee took place on 10th November, 2017.  The draft minutes are in production and will be made available to you.  Thereafter, vetting by the Vice-Chancellor & Principal (Chairman) will be required, as well as transmission of the previous meeting’s decisions via letters and other follow-up actions and implementation by relevant actors.  This would ensure production of the “Matters Arising” working document, inclusive of status reports, for inclusion in the working papers for the next meeting, which – according to the Calendar of Events – should be on 13th September, 2018. Nominations for honorary degrees should thus be sent out by end May, 2018.

The general modalities for servicing the Honorary Degrees Committee are the same as for those above, but there also exists a set of laid-down procedures for the nomination of honorary degree candidates, as well as newly approved criteria governing the award of honorary degrees.  These will be made available to you.