Fourah Bay College Alumni Association UK visits FBC

A delegation of the FBC Alumni Association UK visited the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, FBC, Professor Lawrence Kamara on 7th May 2021. The delegation was led by the External Relations Committee Lead, Mr Kweku Djang. The other members were Henrietta O Harding, the Constitutional and Governance Lead and Alfred Syl-Turay, the Communication and Public Relations Lead.

The delegates were presented to the DVC by the University Director of Alumni and International Relations, Dr. Tonya Musa. Professor Kamara warmly received the delegates and after reporting to him about the purpose of their visit which was to inform the College administration about their charity organization established in UK to capacitate FBC. They told the DVC that Mr. Magnus Cole is the Chairman and Trustee of the Association. The Association was interested in knowing the felt needs of the College so that they can capture those needs in their short, medium and long term strategic interventions.

The DVC briefed them about the status of FBC where he prioritized the perimeter fencing of the campus as a result of the serious security threat; he continued with transportation to and from FBC based on the growing population of students and appealed for more learning and teaching facilities like labs, library and lecture rooms and theatres. He told them about the significance of the alumni networks in rebranding FBC. On that note the administration welcomes such initiative and will support all activities gears towards developing FBC that can change its narrative. He even sited the ongoing construction of a building pioneered by an alumnus, Mr. Tunde Cole. That building when completed will accommodate more than three thousand students for lectures.

Mr. Syl-Turay expressed his disappointment about the slow response of the FBC alumni in Sierra Leone. He suggested public education and engagement as strategic means of mobilizing the FBC alumni to support the College. The team was here according to them to donate text books to the College on behalf of the Association. They expressed their willingness to support the College in the areas identified by the DVC, Professor Kamara. They also interviewed some students around campus about their felt needs in terms assisting the College.
The team was taken on tour around the campus by Professor Kamara to see ongoing infrastructural development of the campus and at the same time identify some structures and facilities that require maintenance.
The team suggested a submission of concept note from the Alumni Directorate about collaboration and coordination with Alumni in other parts of the world and in Sierra Leone.
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