The Finance Director advises  the Vice-Chancellor and Principal in all financial matters and administers the university funds.


The Finance Director is the principal adviser to the Vice-Chancellor in all financial matters.  He/She shall have overall responsibility for the operations of the Accounting system.  He/She shall also be responsible for updating and revising the manual from time to time.

He/She shall organize the Department, allocate job functions within the Department, delegate duties and responsibilities he deems necessary, rotate staff as necessary etc.  He shall also ensure that there is sufficient flexibility in the Department so that work is always produced on schedule.

Staff Training and Development also falls under his purview.

At the Institutions, the individual heads in the Finance Department shall have responsibility for the operation of the Accounting system in the campuses.  They shall also organize their Departments, allocate job functions etc. to ensure reports are prepared and presented on time.  In addition, they shall organize adequate training for their staff.

At Fourah Bay College, the Finance Department is headed by the Senior Assistant Finance Officer, and at the College of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences and the Institute of Public Administration and Management.