Fourah Bay College

Fourah Bay College was founded on the 18th of February, 1827, by the Church Missionary Society and in 1876 it became a degree granting institution with affiliation to the University of Durham in England, and has since maintained a reputable tradition of higher education in Africa. In 2005, Fourah Bay College (FBC), Institute of Public Administration and Management (IPAM, and College of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences (COMAHS) were restructured by the Universities Act of 2005 as the University of Sierra Leone. The College offers over 150 courses under five faculties:

  • Faculty of Arts
  • Faculty of Engineering and Architecture
  • Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences
  • Faculty of Social Sciences and Law
  • Faculty of Applied Accounting.

The Short Course and Extra-Mural Coordinating (SCEMC) Unit

With a growing demand for its academic and professional courses to people in every district and in varied circumstances, FBC has set up the Short Course and Extra-Mural Coordinating (SCEMC) Unit so that more people can access education and training around the country.

The short course is a professional training to upskill delegates (participants). It is great way to acquire new skills, enhance or refresh existing skills. The courses are highly practical and with them, one can specialise in one’s field of interest, without a significant investment (time and money). The short courses are designed for a few days to at most 8 weeks.

Our Short Course extra-mural programme is a non-degree course that provides academic and specific skills training outside the normal college programmes based at the Freetown main campus. They are designed as certificate and diploma courses to be completed usually in a year or two.

Course types and trainers

Regular courses – They are advertised on the SCEMC page on USL website, on flyers and brochures with scheduled dates and costs.

Bespoke or Tailored courses – These are courses we develop specifically in accordance with customer’s request.  They are customised for the institution or individual

Trainers – The Unit draws facilitators from a poll of lecturers and professionals in academic faculties, private and public institutions.

Why Fourah Bay College

You can choose from over 120 high-quality courses in areas of Management, Computing, Information Technology, Information Systems, Mass Communication, Languages, Engineering, Architecture, Law, Education, Religion, Science, Gender Studies, Geology, and many more taught by academics and industry experts.

We cater for all levels from beginners to advanced, for individual learners, employers seeking staff development opportunities as well as and institutions trying to drive change in employee performance. You’ll grow in confidence as well as develop real-world skills in an inspiring and supportive environment.

Certificates and Diplomas

Upon completion of a short course, participants are given Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone certificates. Extra-mural courses will lead to awards of certificates and diplomas depending on the course. These can be awarded with a pass, merit or distinction.



Short Course and Extra-Mural Coordination Unit

Fourah Bay College

University of Sierra Leone

Mount Aureol



Dr. Williette James, PhD (Coordinator)

The Project is supported by Mr. David Gbao, Director, Strategic Planning and Quality Assurance.

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