1. 0 MSc/MPhil  Biomedical Sciences

The programme may be undertaken in any of the following field Major ( Specialised ) field of study: 

  1. General Laboratory Science
  2. Cancer Biology
  3. Medical Microbiology ( Bacteriology / Virology / Medical Mycology )
  4. Advanced Immunology
  5. Chemical Pathology / Clinical Biochemistry
  6. Haematology and Immunohematology
  7. Molecular Biology and Genomics
  8. Histopathology
  9. Laboratory Systems Management
  10. Laboratory- Based Public Health Disease Surveillance

Provided that the proposed programme can be appropriately supported by human and material resources.

2.0       Justification

The MSc /MPhil programme is developed out of the widespread and increasing recognition within the college for the desperate need for staff development in the diagnostics sciences; thereby contributing to the human capacity building of the college.

The  Biomedical Science MSc, seeks to develop a high level of scientific knowledge and to enhance student  intellectual development through research projects.

The main focus will be  to improve the understanding of disease processes, and  develop informed and critical appreciation of scientific developments in relation to diagnostic laboratory pathology.

3.0       Admission Requirement

The minimum entry requirement for the degree of MSc in a selected field of study shall be:

  1. Upper second class in BSc Hons Biomedical or Medical Laboratory Sciences
  2. Upper second class in BSc Hons core Science degree with diagnostics related projects

Candidate with lower second with proven bench 2 years’ experience and a credit in Log book practical  will be considered.

The minimum entry requirement for MPhil – PHD shall be

  1. MSc from a recognised Institution in related Laboratory Science discipline degrees with record of projects and bench  or field experiences 

4.0       Registration Period

The normal duration for the programme is 18 / 24 months full time and 36 months part time students for MSC and a minimum of 36 months for MPhill.

Any change to the duration of the degree programme incurred by extension or intermission will require the formal approval of the FPGS.

5.0       Supervision.

5.1.1    Each candidate shall be provided with one principal supervisor and at least one or more co-supervisors.

5.1.2    The principal supervisor shall be responsible for liaison with the relevant HoDs and the faculty representative at the FPGS

5.1.3    Following approval Inter-institution ( national or international) collaboration with be based on needs and availability

6.0       Examinations.

6.1       The examination for the degree of MSc. shall include:

  1. Continuous assessment (certified Log book on technical bench methods) (25%)
  2. Written examination in their respective subjects (40 %)
  3. Presentation and defence of dissertation (35 %) (Dissertation shall be of publishable quality within the duration and submitted for either conference poster, letters , abstract or full article)

6.2       A dissertation for the award of the M.Sc. degree shall be examined by at least two examiners, of whom at least one must be an external examiner.

6.3       All written examination shall be conducted at the end of the third semester.

8.0       The MSc / Mphil Programme

The MSc programme shall comprise of:

General Compulsory courses:

  1. Research processes and methodologies
  2. Molecular and cellular biology ( Introduction to Molecular Biology and Genetics)
  3. Biostatistics – Advanced statistical analysis
  4. Basic Haematology
  5. Basic Epidemiology
  6. Introduction to Laboratory Medicine
  7. Quality Systems Management
  8. Communications Science – Bio informatics
  9. Molecular Science and diagnostics
  10. Automation in Biomedical Science ( Bio-Analytical)