About Mass Communication Department

The Department of Mass Communication at Fourah bay College, University of Sierra Leone was established over 20 years ago. It seeks to provide training for the new generation of Mass Communication professionals in Print and Broadcast journalism, Public Relations and Advertising, Radio, Television and Video Production and Multimedia.

At the Department we prepare students for the vast opportunities that abound in the new era of journalism. We also nurture them to challenge established thinking.

Our program curriculum is designed to raise media professionals who can contirbute significantly to the global media space.

Our teaching and learning processes combine theory and practice with pedagogy that takes our faculty and students beyond the classroom into the real world. By the time they graduate, the students would have been connected with potential employers through our internship and career counseling programme.

Our classroom lectures and theoretical experience are fully backed with practice at our teaching radio station (Radio Mount Aureol FM107.3), our teaching newspaper (Aureol Torch Newspaper) and our multimedia lab.

Our programmes are as follows: Special Certificate in Mass Communication, Diploma in Mass Communication, Bachelor of Arts (Honours and General) in Mass Communication, Master of Arts (MA) in Mass Communication, Master of Philosophy in Mass Communication and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Communication & Media Studies.

The Department seeks to become a Centre of Excellence for training of the new generation of media and communication practitioners – journalists, public relations and advertising experts.

Dr. Williette P.R.O. James is the Head of Department. The following are lecturers: Dr. Isaac Massaquoi, Dr. Hindolo Tonya Musa, Dr. Francis Sowa, Dr. Abdul Rahman Swaray, Fr. Dr. Victor Suma, Mr. Joshua Nicol, Mr.  James Tamba Lebbie, Mr. Joseph Egbenda Kapua Esq., and Justice Dr. Binneh Kamara. Mr. Thomas Dixon is a Research and Teaching Assistant and Mrs. Gloria Palmer, Mr. Joseph Lamin Kamara, Mr. Abdul Kuyateh and Mr. Tanu Jalloh are part time lecturers.