Rev. Oliver L.T. Harding

Senior & Acting College Librarian

IVL (USA), M.A. Bib.Stds. (WATS),

M.A. Lib. Stds., PG. Dip. Lib. Stds.,

B.A.Hons. History, (USL),中国证书 (HSK1, HSK2, HSK3 & HSKK)

Mobile: 078-361838

The building was named after the late Mr. Michael Jollife, an expatriate who served as librarian between 1961 and 1970.   The main College Library consists of five floors which house the Sierra Leone Collection, Textbook Collection, Periodicals Department, Issue/Circulation Desk, American Shelf, Cataloguing Department, Reference Collection, General Lending Collection, Photocopying Room, Bindery and the Librarian’s Office. There are satellite libraries such as the Postgraduate Library at the Division of Educational Studies, Institute of Education and Extra Mural Studies (INSEEMS) and the Law Library in the Department of Law.

Electronic materials could be accessed through Research4Life. Login details are as follows: The user name is ag-sle003 and the password is 6VE4Jd3v. This gives access to the following programmes and disciplines: AGORA (Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, Climate and Food Security), ARDI (Innovation and Technology), GAOLI (Law), HINARI (Health) and OARE (Environment). Each programme gives access to thousands of scholarly books and journals. Another useful academic site is which currently gives free access to over one hundred million and three million ebooks.